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Welcome to 7Bricks Properties

When it comes to our business, our long-standing reputation is built on trust and integrity. It is what gives our clients, colleagues, suppliers, business partners and investors the confidence to work with us.

Our vision is to be the real estate adviser of choice in the markets we serve. We did not set out to be the biggest, just the best, to achieve this we strive to attract, recruit and retain the best people in property, who go the extra mile for their clients.

At all levels, our staff conduct themselves proudly as representatives of Savills through our Code of Conduct, addressing their responsibilities for the company, each other, and clients, suppliers, contractors and governments.

Our Expertise

  • Knowledgeable team of professionals

  • Complete client satisfaction

  • Ethical business policies

  • Affordable pricing

  • On-time deliver/ execution

  • Qualitative ventures

  • Reliable services

  • Ability to undertake big projects

  • A great experience with Happy clients

Core values of company

Strong Leadership

Our organization is  having collaborative working environment.  the leaders in the organization are regarded as mentors, and the organization comes together 
through tradition and loyalty. Futurestic thinking as 10x model by forecasting the future of real estate a head by 10 yrs advance. 
Success has a lot to do with caring for people and addressing the needs of clients. our organization helps to achieve this by promoting  participation, consensus, and teamwork.

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"Leaders creates leaders, If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."

Professional  Workforce

As part of our vision is to bring the high standards in Real Estate industry, we are associated and hired the experienced  resource from different domains like Real Estate IT,Telecom,Banking,Pharma..etc  who has  corporate experence  to serve the customers  as per thier requirements and aligned  with organization  vision and mission.

We have been trained the resource as per the Real Estate industry ,customers can feel the flavor of professional and polite services.

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“It’s about getting the best people, retaining them, nurturing a creative environment & helping to find a way to innovate.”


The transparency in communication and conduct that we have always maintained with our customers have made sure that trust bridges are strong and we enjoy their support in good times and in difficult times as now. We have always maintained that proactive communication when things don’t look hunky-dory and being upfront about delays have only contributed to developing stronger customer relationships. Our customers know that they can trust us. For we will be transparent and upfront with them all along the journey. 

Modern Office
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"Transparency increases credibility , accountability and trust, trust is the foundation of any relationship.

Corporate Culture

Our organization adopted corporate culture by inducing the best practices from the corporate industry, we are  trend setting in real estate industry as organized sector which  is currently un-organized in the Indian market.

As per the corporate standards we train the resources who are associated with our  organization to meet the customer expectations.

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Company Culture is the product of a company’s values, expectations and environment.

Customer Centric

Our business strategy that’s based on putting our customer first and at the core of our business in order to provide a positive experience and
build long-term relationships.
Becoming a customer-centric business, 
we anticipate customers' needs and delight them with right properties and services. 

As company name it self 7 Bricks means 7 steps we  walk in marriage as in traditional way,    we are with with customers like     7 steps bonding.

Reaching a Deal
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"Its not about how much you can extract from Customers,Its about how much value you provide back  to customers during their lifetime."

Equality && Accountability

Accountability in customer service is our ability to account for our business actions and decisions. It is our willingness to show our customers that we really do care about them, and carry with this an unspoken pledge to respond to a customer's request for information or help.

Business Executive
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"To give real service we are adding something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity."

Projects At Glance


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Vijayawada Highway


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